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A Sunday in June

(This post originally appeared on A Father’s Path in honor of Father’s Day)

Don’t hold me to the math, but this is the 27th Sunday in June that I get to give thanks for being a father. But it depends on when you start counting. I don’t know why but as long as I can remember, I have always known I would be a father… someday. And when I consider all the stars that had to align… It’s the same breathtaking experience as a starry night.

A Father’s Path teaches many lessons. Perhaps the most important one is the dream is like a lighthouse and along the way you discover things that never are given in full form—including you. “Things” is not the right word, but as you step on the path, “something” calls. Meaning, purpose, and values are divinely revealed— and never before you are ready to receive something so precious.

Three things last. This is true or revealed as truth with each faithful step, drawn by hope, and enlivened by love.

Happy Father’s Day…

photo credit: J. Plenio

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